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PCB Design Process:
- Creation of a schematic file;
- Creation of library components according to
- Importing Schematic (netlist) into PCB Layout;
- Components placing according to component
- Routing the layout (automatic and/or manual);
- Comparing PCB Layout to existing Schematic;
- Routing quality analysis (DRC, Connectivity check, Impedance control, etc.),     
  making necessary changes;
- Creation of output files for PCB manufacturing and assembling, checking files;
- Preparing all the documents needed.


Typical requirements for a PCB design:
   - Schematic (netlist) הרכבת מעגלים חשמליים, PCB manufacturing and assembling
   - BOM - Bill of Materials
   - Datasheets to any custom footprints  
   - Board Outline with Dimensions
   - Number of layers - Layer Stackup
   - Component Locations/Keep out zones
   - Part Placement: Top, Bottom, or Both
   - Special routing instructions

 מעגלים מודפסים, הרכבה, PCB design,schematic, components

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